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The overall picture is done beautifully. The detail in the background is nicely done, as it is white-washed by the sun shining through ...



T-Shirt Design of Danny Antonucci by Tsunaamii
T-Shirt Design of Danny Antonucci
T-Shirt Design of Danny Antonucci, Lupo the Butcher, and Ed Edd n Eddy

Drawn in Photoshop.
Refined in Illustrator.
Completed in Indesign.

Complementary colors. Pantones available upon request.
More variations to come!
Beauty Secrets 3 by Tsunaamii
Beauty Secrets 3
Commission for $150 for business in CA called Beauty Secrets made back in 2010

Third Draft
Beauty Secrets 2 by Tsunaamii
Beauty Secrets 2
Commission for $150 for business in CA called Beauty Secrets made back in 2010

Second Draft
Beauty Secrets #1 by Tsunaamii
Beauty Secrets #1
Commission for $150 for business in CA called Beauty Secrets made back in 2010

First Draft
Cave Painting by Tsunaamii
Cave Painting
The Golden Snake followed by brimstone and fire.

A sign of the apocalypse?

Only the cave paintings of the ancient neanderthal can tell...


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Starving artist AND poor college student. What can get better than that!?

Started up a Tumblr. Lovelies please follow me and you'll get some yummy bits I can't post on here due to mature content! ;D
I've got a new lease on life... and apartment!

OK bad puns are bad... forgive me...

on a slightly different note from my last "I GOTS A TUMBLR" Journal... I have three exciting things to let you all in on! Two of which I will need all the support from all of you, and anyone you know!

Lets start at the most life-changing event:

I moved BACK to Florida from Missouri and I am currently attending College (once again) at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL!

WHAT!?!?! :confused: THAT'S RIGHT FRIENDS! I'm bettering myself and getting an AA in Graphic Design. Why AA? Because that's all I can afford :depressed:

BUT! That's not the least of it! Remember how a few paragraphs back I mentioned something needing your help and help from your friends and family or whatever?

Well this is what it is...

First off:

To raise money for the next thing I'm going to tell you, I've started creating Calendars. My first 12 month calendar is illustrated to be a naughty Ed Edd & Eddy as you all have had the pleasure of seeing the Cul-De-Sac boys that I've posted up on my Y!Gallery (they're SERIOUSLY not Deviantart Friendly). Well on my Tumblr ( )I'm gradually completing and posting up the girls too... and like the heavens were shining down upon me in good fortune... there's 12 kids in total from the Cul-De-Sac.

Having said that, this is just one of my many Calendar projects that I'll be working on. So that's where this leads to:

I need people who want to buy those calendars, if not out of pure interest in my work then just out of support for fellow artists... because I'd do the same for you. And I honestly would.

Now as I mentioned in my pictures I posted up here (I think I did...) Those are just sketches. If enough people show interest in supporting me and the next cause I'm going to mention... then I'll clean up the lines, make them less-bold and really make them calendar-worthy.

The real reason I'm super excited about all of this:

I'm going to be making a Kickstarter... and for what? Well let me tell you...

I'm not just "on an Ed Edd & Eddy kick" I've had phases where I've been obsessed with a certain art style or whatever before, and this isn't that. My heart aches thinking about this show.

Why do I mention this? Well the Kickstarter is to petition to bring Ed Edd & Eddy back! Not a reboot like the crappy PowerPuff Girls show they made just recently... but the good old boys!

It's hard to get in contact with Danny Antonucci who was the founder of AKA Studios in Vancouver, but ALSO created my beloved Ed Edd & Eddy. So what better way to grab his attention then to put up a Kickstarter to get his show back!?

Taking the money raised by selling the calendars... and the Kickstarter...

We all could make a beautiful thing become reality. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way!

I NEED you all though... "you're the buoyancy that will keep this dream afloat even in the most torrential of storms!" to quote a well-done Reverse!Kevin created by by my lovely c2ndy2c1d   on Tumblr & here!

Please join me at my Tumblr. Where I'll be updating more and talking in my chat-box about what you all can do to help on this quest.

SIDE NOTE: For the Calendars, if the Ed Edd & Eddy one ends up doing well (like... actually selling a few?) I'll be taking requests for other series (doesn't have to be naughty, I'm flexible!) I'm thinking about doing a cute animals themed one next...

Message me with idea's right now though! :D
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